Friday, December 29, 2006

Dinagat Island Job Bank

This is a support project for "One Family, One OFW" government program. Please post us a comment that includes your name, cell phone number, field of expertise and a brief description of your experience.

To search the bank simply click comments and use the keyboard keys "Control + F". Otherwise if you are looking for Provincial Job for the province of Dinagat Islands Click here.

Thank you very much for your continued support!


Anonymous said...

Name: REM
Course: ECE
Job: Field Service Engineer for BIO-Science Instrumentation in States.
Field of works: Nuclear-Radio Active Analysis-Liquid scintillation counting/Gamma Counting, Chromatography in Gas and Liquid, Spectrometry in UV/Visible, Infra Red, Atomic Absorption, Inductively Coupled Plasma, Mass Specs, Optical emission specs, Centrigugations, ETC.
Previous job: Field Engineer for Manufacturing Automation/Robotics, Refrigerations/Heating/Boiler Controls, MS Visual Basic6 Programming, Computer Repair, Etc.

Anonymous said...

Name: NAEJ
Job: Field Service Engineer for Dell Computers
Brief Description:
Dell Certified System Expert
SunMicrosystem Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10
Certified Linux Administration Brainbench
Electronics and Communication Engineer with Avionics and CATV design experience.
Supporter and user of the new NEXENTA operating system (GNU + OpenSolaris).
Has knowledge on System Analysis and Design for Client/Server Programming.
Familiar with Helpdesk Reporting, Escalation and Resolution system.
Deployment on Liferay Portal using MySQL database and Tomcat.
Knowledge on Oracle RDBMS and SQL plus.

Anonymous said...

Name: JpJ
Over 8 years in IT experience as UNIX System Administrator on a mission critical servers.
Excellent troubleshooting skills in managing global and large scale Enterprise Systems.
Strong/Solid background and hands-on experience in System and Network administrations.
Implementation, installation, migration, maintenance and upgrade of operating system like HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, and Linux.
Responsible in configuration, support, security, management and installations of Oracle RDBMS, Informix, DCE, DFS, NFS, SAMBA, HTTP, SSL, SSH, LDAP, NIS+, DNS servers, Sendmail, HP/Zebra printers.
Experience in EMC Storage using SRDF/timefinder, LVM, MC/SG, and Legato Networker.
Extensive experience in Bourne/C/Korn Shell, C programming, Java, Perl, Tcl, Expect.
Written documentation of installations, setup, configurations, security policy, troubleshooting, monitoring, housekeeping and operational guide.
Performs server fine tuning and capacity planning.
Self-motivated, team player and result-oriented professional with good work ethic.

Anonymous said...

Name: Welai
E mail add:
Cell Number:09102735276
Course: Computer Science 4 years.
Job Description: Computer encoder,,and computer literate..working in LGU Bislig City particularly in City Agriculture Office .