Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Libjo, Surigao del Norte

Libjo is a 5th class municipality in the province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 16,610 people in 3,083 households. Click here for more about its history. Where is Libjo?

New Libjo Logo (Dinagat) and the Old (under Surigao del Norte)

Libjo is politically subdivided into 16 barangays.

  • Albor (Pob.)
  • Arellano
  • Bayanihan
  • Doña Helen
  • Garcia
  • General Aguinaldo (Bolod-bolod)
  • Kanihaan
  • Llamera
  • Magsaysay
  • Osmeña
  • Plaridel
  • Quezon
  • Rosita
  • San Antonio (Pob.)
  • San Jose
  • Santo Niño
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Anonymous said...

hi!louella here. glad to know that you have your own! im so excited to visit libjo but not this time due to weather condition.

Anonymous said...

hoolaahh! LIBJO nice site LIBJO LIVE... been that place for a long time already but still i rememeber that waves it's great and amazing.....hopin to get back there...(tata)

Anonymous said...

wow, libjo is now in the world wide web. i was simply amazed by this site... i browsed thru google and it lead me here. hope to find more articles and pics.

mabuhay ang libjo!!!!!


Anonymous said...

this site was pretty amazing....appreciated that much! if you're the kind of person who loves nature on thrill , come and visit Libjo,,you'll enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hello! It is nice to hear that Libjo is now online. I would like to greet my family and relatives there in Libjo, the Tabat and Navarro families.


Anonymous said...

..Libjo now is really at the hand of progress..mabuhay ang mga LIBJOANUN!! and I'm proud to be one.. =) really has a great change, for it is now ready to compit globally.. heheh all together we stand and shout to the world "MABUHI AN MGA DINAGATNUN!! MABUHI AN MGA LIBJOANUN!!" =)

Anonymous said...

i read the news paper last sunday, PHIL STAR, 4th class municipality na diay ang libjo? KEEP IT UP!!!

iza said...

i wanna say Congrats!! for having already your own website!!..i wish i can come back there soon...i'm so grateful to meet your vice-mayor..He is so aproachable!...Sweet regards to all Villarosa Family..Miss you all..

Anonymous said...

Hello mga kababayan nko dha sa Mahayahay libjo,wow I'm trully amazed with this site. I just browsing the Libjo site hoping that one day I'll find one of my friends. THank you very much for making this website."Mabuhay"
I used to lived in Mahayahay before.
But when I was 10 years old we moved to Davao because back then there was always a typhon in Surigao so we decided to moved to davao. Now,I'm here in New York and I'm looking forward to visit Libjo one day. I really miss the nice people and ofcourse the place.

I would like to say "hello" to Salutan,Pobadora,maligro,maglahos and etc.families. I miss ya'll.