Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pay Per Vote Election 2007 not Pay Per View

Not the Pay per View we watch from ABS-CBNNOW The PPV we are talking about is the Pay Per Vote is the Philippine Election in May 2007. This is what you want to know if you want to run for office in the Philippines. Of course you can check COMELEC website for official guidelines. But our method is fairly straight truth about politics Philippine style. Lets accept the certainty “Votes are for Sale”.

Since from the old political scheme to run for office you need 3G (not the 3rd generation telephone system) but “Guns, Goons and Gold”. Not to be considered bad but Guns makes you a respected person. Other party opposition doesn’t temp to create hostility “Gulat” on you because you run for the office. You have to have people – Goons that will enforce your plan of action. These are the people you are going to use to campaign and convince voters to choose a candidate. And Gold. Popularity in an election doesn’t necessarily converted to votes. You still need cash amount to bring people to vote. In either to pay for the transport or let people be able to eat while in town in the polling stations. Or plainly a gift “pahalipay” you choose them in the election. Which in legality during election if proven, is illegal and can bring up to 6 years imprisonment.

It depends on locality and population. To run for Mayor you need to have at least 500 thousand pesos. That is if you have 6 thousand voters and you have at least 83 pesos per voter. Some gets higher bid 1 thousand pesos per 3 candidates. That is a deal per number of candidate to write. To run for municipal councilor you need at least 100 thousand pesos. Part of it contributed to the party and part for personal vote buying. How do they know you include them in the ballot? They have a system signs called “contra sinyas”. Instead of writing name like Jose Rizal they will write Mr. Jose Rizal. Clear? Get it?

Not just that. Here are some more tips. Be sure you have Religious Recommendation. If you gets Iglesia Ni Cristo or PBMA ticket you are sure get more vote. Just be careful with Sample ballot tampering. Some candidates or party will try to change names from your sample ballot. Voters use this form as guide during the actual vote.

Some towns cost more. Like for example San Isidro in Siargao Island it cost 3 million capital to run for a mayor. Vote buying is much higher. Imagine how much you need to run for Governor or Senator or President? That makes me wonder how much money can I get back to get back investment. That is ROI return of investment from corruption and project kickbacks since salary is not enough.

Anyway… Choose right and shop wise. Vote what’s right. Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

ghost projects are the results of PAY PER VOTE especially in the local governments. pork barrel were given to lawmakers so they can recover the money they spent during the elections. even though the people knew already that pork barrel is a source of corruption only ESTRADA who wanted it out from the budget. CORY, TABACCO UG AND PANDAK pabuta, bungol ra. aron mga conressman support nila.
the problem in the local government like in libjo is that people has no means of knowing the irregularities. mayors build schools. sounds good but the budget for finishing, painting and restrooms went to their pocket. mayors buy heavy equipments. sounds good. but instead of buying caterpillar brands we got surplus equipments.
we don't know what ghost projects they declared finished but wa tay nakita. it could be ihawan, health centers, a new market. i don't know. and because of utang na loob there are also ghost employees.

Anonymous said...

Very well said! The absence of reliable media to witness and expose these 'katiwalian' especially in the island province, make these corrupt officials (and their families) even braver and bolder each time.

Anonymous said...

politics is a business now a days. is'nt it? the more you gain power the more you gain money. but i would say that not all politicians are like that. but of course they also have to protect there power thats why they have to do all those bad doings. its just sad that we are also part of these mistakes is'nt it? we just ignore it for some reasons. we say a lot about it but we really did'nt do anything about it. we just let it go. if we know that the candidate is in our favor we vote for him or her even though we know that he/she just cheated to win. we still be in favor for her/him. example: mo boto lamang kita kung asa ang pabor sa ato. ah kay suod man kita sa iya, siya ra ato butohan para naa ta conection sa iya. dali ma approbahan ato mga business permit, kung naa ta kinahanglan dali ra nato makuha. dili naman kita kuman mo basi kung kinsa sa mga kandidato ang maka palambo ning atong lunsod. kay mo boto naman kita kung asa kita makakuha nan kuniksyon sa gobyerno. palakasay naman baja ta kuman. dili naman kita gani mamati sa ila gipang istorya sa stage, basta kilaya hala butar. dili ra kon pay per vote ang problema kundili ang mambutaray mismo. way pay per vote kung walay mo dawat ug kung naay mo sita sa pay per vote. kita dawat rapod kita sa pay per vote kay kwarta gud no? he he. kalami ba lamang maka kwarta ug instant. one click naa na dayon. pero wala kita mag huna huna na kanang ila kwarta nga gi hatag gikan raman intawon na sa atoa kay kita man ang ga bayad ug taxes. ang sayop pa mas dako pa ila makuha nga kwarta sa atoa . isa lang ako ma sulti. kung kinsa kanang ga pay per vote, ayaw butuhi!!! pag matngon kamo. ga pay per vote na sila kay mangurakot ra na sila pag mo daug na. mga kawatan sa gobyerno. syempre mo sugut ba ra lamang na sila na manghatag ug kwarta kung walay kapalit, kung lugi sila? kung gusto gyud nila mo tabang. manghatag sila kwarta pagkatapos na nidaug na sila, pinaagi sa ila charity works. sila ga hatag kwarta b4 pa makadaug kay para inig mo daug bawion ra pod.

Simple lang said...

I like your post anonymous, unta kining imong post mahimong lesson sa atong mga bag-ong tubo sa Albor. Arang nato kadaghan reklamo sa mga naglingkod sa gobyerno pero walay gusto modawat ug basol nga kita ra usab mismo ang pwedeng basulon kung nganong naingon niini ang dagan sa atong gobyerno. Kung ako ang pangutan-on, ang pagdagan sa gobyerno ay pagserbisyo sa tawo dili aron serbisyuhan sa tawo. Kanus-a kaha mabag-o ang panan-aw sa mga tawo nga sila mismo ang naghimo sa ilang kaugmaon ug sa ilang mga anak. Kaisa mo ako sa imong buot ipaabot sa mga tawo. Daghang salamat niining imong napakamaajong topic para sa moabutay nga election... Mabuhay KA!