Monday, September 25, 2006

Libjo Telephone Directory

Since the installation of two major cellular networks in town, the need for landline telephone service is no longer necessary. Except as alternative long distance purpose of landlines, portability of cell phones and text messaging is the most affordable, reliable and easy way of communication. And most everyone I know owns a cell phone. What if we’re going to have a cell phone directory? A centralize cell phone listing for all Libjo-anon serving like the landline telephone directory does. Do you think this is a good idea? Please drop us a comment or email us or send us your phone number and name. Thank you very much.

Bagata Metchelle 0906 9047209

Balorio Jefter 0921 2442345

Birdy 09161195807

Buenafe Blessed 0910 4577294

Buenafe Danna 0921 4674958

Buenafe Gaging 0921 6978858

Cabeza Euzel 0915 5986757

Cabeza Laiza 0919 4819428

Cabajes Mariel 0920 8450450

Cabajes Rendel 0918 7638604

Dela Cruz ConCon 0906 9237018

Dela Pena Prijie 0905 8508135

Digman-Maturan Lorigen 0926 2589001

Gerandoy Princess 0918 7371682

Jacquez Augie 0919 7844107

Jacquez Kristal 0920 3483352

Jacquez MariJill 0921 5899137

Labor Lalang 0920 3483338

Llana Jenjing 0918 3426650

Llamera, Dan
00966502085516 , roaming 0921432050

Lumpay KC 0910 8752988

Malbacias Bobet 0910 5245441

Malbacias Bebei 0916 9127391

Malbacias RR 0910 4929025

Mayol Muthja 0927 7210364

Miras Dodo 0915 4614141

Navarro Matt 0906 9045489

Obsioma Edgel 0920 7668432

Patulin Yvonne 0928 3286553

Verana Irma 0910 4569854


Anonymous said...

nice idea. but it needs emphasis that by submitting the same, privacy rights have been waived(a cellular number is a personal effect) mahirap na baka magkaproblema. definitely, its a good step of fostering unity among libjoanons. at least everybody gets connection (wireless age)....

Nico said...

Yes. Submitting information of this kind is personal choice. We cannot include number and names without approval of individual person. Not like what we have posted in Libjo-anon Registry. And since our site is crawled by Google, your name and numbers will also be available in Google search. The end result, it’s easy for people to find everyone and while cell phone in the Philippine works different from the US (you’re only charge if you initiated the call) and I supposed there is not a lot of junk advertisement and unsolicited calls, for me it is fine to include my number. Thanks

Anonymous said...

yes, is a good idea, piro disappointed lang talaga ako dahil ang mga cellphone lang ng tao ang nakalagay sa Libjo Directory, bakit hindi nilagay ang mga Landline? Lalo na ang number ng City Hall sa Libjo, dahil doon tayo pweding magtanaong ng mga maraming " information"
I'm so sorry, if I make mistake becuase I been looking the number of Libjo City Hall in Libjo website but I didn't reach it. And some other places where we can have more informations about everything. Thanks, and I really wish that the libjo website will improve, so it will easy for us to know somtething specially when we're outside of the country.

Anonymous said...

yes, is a very good idea, piro bakit cellphone lang ang nakalagay sa Libjo Directory?
I been looking the number of Libjo City Hall but I didn't reached it.

Anonymous said...

sorry po, wala kasing city hall sa libjo.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you raymond. disclosing such information means waiving your privacy rights. however, for me the advantage of sharing it outweighs its disadvantage, i mean in philippine setting. like anything else, this scenario has its positive and negative effects. but for me im just overwhelmed with its advantages. get connected anywhere, anytime this is what technologies are all about. plus one thing, like anybody i believe that we belong to the same side as libjoanon, we want to promote a borderless and wireless libjoanon society.

and hey, to you folks over there who asked for libjo city hall contacts, what a futuristic demand! nonetheless i believe that nico could post it, but municipal hall lang sa oi! i believe that someday libjolive could be a one stop for libjoanon info. count me in nico, im up for this...

Anonymous said...

hi nic kindly post my mobile # its me dan llamera ,,,basin la nka kaila ask lang some of our libjoanon specially tga bartolome village,,,00966502085516 ,,roaming 0921432050

thanks a lot,

Anonymous said...

maganda na sana pero bakit kunti lang . . huhhu . . wla yung # ng taong gusto kung makontak . . hindi pa alam ng tga libjo ang sight na ito . ???

kaiteijin said...

Please let me know phone number of post office of Libjo.

kaiteijin said...

Please let me know phone number of post office of Libjo.

eden said...

haloo!post mo n mn number namin ng mga hipag ko...ito number namin; EDEN GRACE O. GEMAO +4796877154,JOYLENE B. GEMAO +4746224583,JANETH G. ROQUE +34603144533...ito number nmin u can txt us as will as u call us...this is eden...

Anonymous said...

a very brilliant ideas,,,keep up the good work guys....

Anonymous said...

pls post my numbers pls...+93706515092----roaming +639155864388 this is arnold llamera...